Why.just why

My account waas suspendet (but later reactivated)and i needed to de-activate one of my accounts.then whenever i try to do so it says Screenshot by Lightshot
please help me

You’ve reached your account limit. How many accounts you’ve? (count deactivate account too.)


but it worked before the suspend


but limit is 3 per person. how you did it?

2 were active

i wanted to deactivate 1 and reactivate it

which volume you’re?


ignore volume. that happens while deactivating or activating an account? i suggest you to rename the topic title to a clean name. like (I can’t deactivate one of my accounts)

Deactivated accounts do not count towards the three account limit, but suspended accounts do. It looks like your accounts were deactivated first, and then marked as suspended later on.

In order to get more accounts, you could request for them to be reactivated first, and then close them again yourself.

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