Why is yourls gone?

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Why is yourls gone?? softacoulous still has it but somehow infinityfree removed it. Why?

I know, i feel the same, they removed it because it was a url shortner, feel free to install it manually.

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kinda noob on installing it manually. especially when it comes to database stuff…

You try to install it yourself. It’s easy for everyone.
Here are some guides

And if you encounter some problem while installing they have a community-powered forum for support.

I prefer to use an available shortener URL provider (such as Bitly, etc.) rather than to install shortener URL app.
From shortener URL provider, you have to setup only a A/CNAME Record (for your custom domain) to make your own shortener URL. No hassle & it is using their server resources (not our server resources).

Or if that shortener URL will be used only for your site & your site has a fixed ID system for its pages, you can setup simple shortener URL using .htaccess file.
For example:
You have a blog/site using WordPress at domain: blog.example.com
& your shortener URL domain at: sho.rt
On sho.rt domain, you create a .htaccess file:
RedirectMatch permanent ^/([0-9]+)$ http://blog.example.com/?p=$1
Then, from:
will be redirected to:
http://blog.example.com/?p=xxx (your WP posts/pages)
Of course by this way, it won’t has other features such as stats, etc. for your shortener URL.

I’m only using it to direct downloads for my other website, so having my own url shortener is just a little cosmetic touch for my own part

URL shorteners are frowned upon here because we’ve had a lot of trouble in the past with people who just setup a URL shortener without any protection or moderation, which became big targets for spammers who used them to hide harmful links.

Again, you’re free to install your own, just make sure it doesn’t get abused.

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Oh ok I understand. Are there any more softacoulous software that’s getting added in the future???

This question is to be asked to Support Staff at softaculous.com

Softaculous continuously adds new software. Is there any particular software you’re looking for?

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