Why is this option disabled

Website URL

it was available before!

What domain are you trying to sign up with and end up getting this error?


You must first add luminousmc.co to the account and then once the account is created, you can revert your DNS settings and add an A record for the discord subdomain and point it to the IP listed in the client area.

Mods, see the comment in my post


Yes, it was available before, but it was never supposed to be. It was available because of a bug, and this bug actually enabled some undesirable actions. So the bug was fixed so the account creation system works as intended.


what are the “undesirable actions.”
it was good
now i will delete the account here
it was the best host untill u ruined it

I’m very sorry to see you go. :smiley:

Is changing nameservers for 2 times really bothering?


Hi Bobođź‘‹,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re frustrated with the recent changes. Could you please provide more details about what specific actions or changes you consider to be “undesirable”? This information would help me better understand your concerns and provide more accurate assistance. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know!

Q.S: If your issue is with nameserver changes, I would suggest that you switch to a different hosting provider if we are unable to satisfy your needs.


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You call it ruined, I call it fixed.

The Custom Domains option was never intended to be used to add subdomains. Due to a bug, it was possible anyways. But this same bug also allowed some other things that we definitely don’t want to happen. I cannot disclose because it hasn’t been fully fixed yet, even though I would like to so you can also understand why this bug was really bad for anyone who hosted any website with us.

That seems a bit excessive, don’t you think?

To be very clear: you can still host your subdomain with us. That’s always been possible and probably always will be. The only thing you cannot do is add the subdomain on a different account than the base domain, or add the subdomain without first adding the base domain to the account. But after adding the base domain, you can even host the base domain elsewhere while keeping the subdomains hosted with us.

Moving to a different host just because it’s a little bit more difficult to host a subdomain, and it’s a little bit more restricted in how you can host the subdomains seems unnecessary to me.

I did take a poke in our the backend and see you created more than three accounts using different subdomains of your .eu.org domain. That’s not allowed in the first place (you are only allowed to have three accounts). So if that’s what you’re losing out on, then I’d say everything is working as intended.


bruh we can make more by default…

Yes, you can. You can also drive over the speed limit by default, or kill people by default. But just because you can doesn’t mean you’re allowed to, and that you won’t be punished when you’re caught doing it.

The rules are simple: no more than three free hosting accounts per person.

Yes, we are aware it’s possible to sign up multiple times with different email addresses and circumvent the limit. That does not mean that you’re allowed to.

I was just going to give you the warning and let you go about your business. But seeing how you seem to proud of breaking the rules, and because you already had a large number of your accounts suspended for spam before, I went ahead and took down about a dozen different accounts you have.

Go find another hosting provider. We don’t do business with spammers who abuse our services.


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