Why is there daily hits limit?

I am very disappointed right now. What the #### is this? I am sorry for swearing, but how can i not swear if this “unlimited” hosting has daily hits limit? Yeah, i understand, CPU and inodes limit is reasonable enough, but why daily hits limit? I would understand if you had current website connections limit, like limiting how many users can view site at same time, but why is there daily hits limit? I joined this hosting, because i was hoping for a good free host finally. And yes, it is good free host, because there are no errors or anything, but i am very upset of this restriction. I think that amount of people who visit your website in one day cannot do any damage or serious, bad things to hosting server. Please explain me why is there daily hits limit?

Those who agree with me, that there shouldn’t be a daily hits limit, post it here!

There is a daily hit limit of 45,000 hits. By comparison, Grendel Hosting has a daily hit limit of 10,000, so things are actually better! The only difference is that you can check the usage now.

Also, it’s free hosting. We need to limit things like that in order to keep the costs down enough to be able to provide the hosting for free.