Why is their random links in my page?

So I found some gibberish in the tops and bottoms of my pages. Whats is this?
When I look at the source code, it is not there. Example:
If you look at my website’s source code (Ctrl + U) you can clearly see my code.
But when using the developer console, or downloading and viewing the code, I have a lot of random links. Why is this in here, and what is it?

For me your website works fine, and I can also see the source code of it. Please view these screenshots for more info:

Please also note that, if you created your website just now, it will take up to 72 hours for it to propagate all around the world. That behaviour is explained on this article:



Actually, if you look in the Dev Console then there is this:
This is the head:

I don’t see these content, consider to clear your Browser & DNS Cache.


Do you have any user input? After you clear the cache that is. There may be code injection?

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