Why is the visual (jpg, png webm) content of my site not published?


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Why is the visual (jpg, png webm) content of my site not published?

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This happens on other accounts as well.


Can you please share the URL of a few pages that you experience the issue with?


this is my images folder :
Directory Listing (tosbamedya.ml)

browser reports that the files are damaged

Copy the contents of this folder token/images/ (highlighted in red) to that images folder

or upload all imgs files again


okey thanks for help


here is an example comparing two same files

when you solve those files then delete the browser cache with CTRL + F5

if by any chance it doesn’t help (copying files from one folder to another)

then delete the problematic images folder
and recreate it and copy the content again.

maybe something went wrong during the upload
or the files are damaged on your device.

but I know for sure that those from the token/images folder work - so save them (as a backup haha).


No visual content of my website is published. There is a problem in the system, whatever I did, it was not resolved. I cleared the cache. I tried from another device, but it doesn’t open jpg png files.

As OxyDac said, most of your image files are corrupted. This is not a server problem, so try uploading them again and then see if they work.


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