Why is phpFreeChat broken?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

When I go to the directory I installed phpFreeChat to, it says

Also when I originally installed it to /chat/ it said 403 forbidden but that directory didn’t exist in /htdocs/ or the folder before that. Even if I install it to /coolchat/ it says 403 forbidden …

Other Information

What should I do? I tried AJAX Chat but it wouldn’t send the message

Help please… it still isn’t working

Chat scripts not allowed …


Then why is it in Softaculous

Softaculous is an off the shelf product… not all scripts are supported. Try at ur own risk. Anyway you shd read TOS.


Chat scripts are not allowed on free hosting because of the large amount of server resources that they need to run.

Because Softaculous is not ran by InfinityFree, and IF has no control over what is offered there.

Very true, especially with services like hosting. (Especially since free hosting can suspend your website if you don’t follow them).

Best of luck on your site!


Chat scripts aren’t allowed on here, it’s against ifastnets ToS


I would suggest using repl.it for chat scripts, since they aren’t allowed here…


ok, i’ll remove it
but i know on softaculous admin there is a way to remove scripts so they don’t show to the users.

Well, this is a free host, and no one wants to take the time to go threw the hundreds of scripts in softaculous, even if it is possible. (And I don’t think IF has the option to anyway)

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I asked iFastNet to remove phpFreeChat (and a few other chat scripts I was able to identify quickly).

We should do this more proactively, but indeed it’s hard to go through hundreds of scripts to find which ones work and are allowed and which aren’t.


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