Why is one of my subdomain's CNAME "destination" set to bodis.com advers?

I searched further for possible causes and solutions. I found this related forum topic Unwanted parking , in which there is this explanation by a Senior Moderator of this forum:

"Bodis.com is a parking page provider. All unused subdomains on our nameservers are automatically linked to Bodis. So visitors who try to open unused domains will see advertisements, the revenue of which helps to pay for the free hosting infrastructure.

As soon as you add a subdomain through our control panel, our nameservers are automatically configured to remove your domain from Bodis and add it to your website. However, if you’re using your own nameservers, you will need to do so manually."

I contacted Bodis directly to ask them to remove my domain. I found their contact details. This is what they answered:

" Hello Teodora,

Thank you for contacting us. It appears that your host (NS: NS1.EPIZY.COM, NS2.EPIZY.COM) is forwarding your subdomains (hillfieldspark.fishpondsbristol.uk) to our parking server (11776.BODIS.COM).

If your host (epizy.com/byet.org) is forwarding your domains without your consent, please contact them and request that they update/remove these unwanted DNS records.

Thank you."

So in conclusion, now I need to contact Infinity Free and ask them to update/remove these DNS records from the ones they have given to BODIS without my consent.

How can I do this? Is there an official way to contact Infinity Free and ask this to be done?