Why is my website only secure when the url has a trailing slash?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


So I recently registered an SSL certificate, and I was confused as to why it wasn’t work. Today I found out, that it only works if the url has a trailing slash at the end. (ie. imagienworld.rf.gd/)
Why is that?

This doesn’t seem to occur to me. When I type https://imagienworld.rf.gd, it shows “Secure”. Have you tried redirecting all traffic to HTTPS?


Why do I have to redirect all traffic to HTTPS? Shouldn’t all urls now under my infinityfree domain, be secure? Also, why are the subdomains I registered under the imagienworld account not secure?

For example I registered xxx.rf.gd (I’m not going to share the real name) with the cpanel for my imagienworld account. Doing https://xxx.rf.gd doesn’t work, but https://imagienworld.rf.gd works?

Because that’s how this works. You got an SSL cert, but for it to do anything, you have to redirect all traffic to the secure version of your site.

This is because we don’t have a wildcard cert for rf.gd (it would be too hard to manage). You have to get an SSL cert for each subdomain you create.


No, you receive an SSL certificate for the domain you chose.

If you don’t want to, then don’t. But that would mean that some people may not trust your site.


What if I create a subdomain for my subdomain? ie. xxx.imagienworld.rf.gd

Then you will need another certificate on that sub-sub-domain


It’s not. SSL certificates are valid for a particular hostname. Different sub paths on your website cannot have different SSL certificates.

If you got a certificate from ZeroSSL, the certificate is actually valid for all direct subdomains of imagienworld.rf.gd (so it’s valid for xxx.imagienworld.rf.gd, but not yyy.xxx.imagienworld.rf.gd).

But our control panel won’t accept certificates that are not valid exclusively for the hostname you’re trying to install them to, so you’ll still have to request a separate certificate.


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