Why is my website doesn't working?


If i go to https://haziportal.rf.gd i got a 404 but if i go to http://haziportal.rf.gd i get another type of 404.

This is the umpteenth one and it is very annoying.

For me your website redirects to another website that works but has broken assets. Try to clear your browser cache if you don’t see that.


I did it but still not working.

I get:

Tájékozató Letöltés

A weboldal elĂ©rhetĹ‘sĂ©ge(e-mail cĂ­m): [email protected]

A tárhely szolgáltató az InfinityFree


Your website is on one of the servers currently experiencing outages:

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Can you send me a link please?

And when its get fixed?

Depends, might take a day or 2.

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Okay, thank you. You all helped me. But @_I_F_R can you send me the url?

just clicked on what you posted HáziPortál (rf.gd) and HáziPortál (rf.gd)
i get same page on both

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seems to be working now


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