Why is my site now dangerous?


Yesterday nOr there was no problem getting in and today I get the message of a very dangerous place. Greetings

my site now is dangerous

you mean this ?

thats just google being a dumbass as usual, either someone reported your site as deceptive or more than likely googles AI thinks your site is deceptive

anyways click the “report a detection problem” link on that page and let them know they are wrong

while you are waiting for google to fix their mistake you can click the “ignore the risk” link on that page to take you to your website


I doubt that anyone has denounced the website, it is a site where 4 friends enter and place our bets with each other.Thank you very much for your help

The only way to unlist is to visit and make an account at:
They will tell you reason there. The methods suggested above never work.


Where can I find this? Copy the TXT record, listed below, into your DNS settings

I think you can use an EMAIL DNS SPF Record as a TXT Record in your cpanel

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yeah it seems to work

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well it let me enter something, not sure if it works and I probably did something incorrectly :stuck_out_tongue:

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this may be useless information :rofl:


Google has detected harmful content on some pages of your website. We recommend that you remove it as soon as possible because, until you do, browsers such as Google Chrome will display a warning when users visit the website or download certain files.
http://www.porritas.rf.gd/index.php I get an error in the index which is the entry form, if I remove that index with a form, will it stop giving me that notice?

There should be alternative verification methods, such as CNAME validation or a file upload.

Maybe, but if you move it to a login page, it might just flag that page again. The best way is to sign up for Google’s Search Console and request a re-review.


Hi cacaito69,

Report incorrect flags using this form:

A rule of thumb is to include more introductory information on your index page so that your login form does not compose of more than 70% of your page visible content.

Alternatively, have them click something before a login window shows up, or make the page “internal” by adding these hints to Google:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

This goes inside the HTML head tag, and will hint all bots not to index this page on search results. This way you can use the site internally and without having the red page.



Thank you for your help, the web is no longer misleading


Hi cacaito69,

Good to hear that!

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