Why is my site not loading?

My website URL is: www.gateaid.ga

What I’m seeing is: Website not loading

Additional information:

I think it redirects to an auto-created subdomain, which forces a user to use a “ww8.” protocol.
Haven’t you created any redirects? Changed .htaccess? If no, I’m sorry, better ask Admin.
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If the domain was recently registered then it will take few hours to three days for it to be succesfully visible to those who are trying to access it due to DNS Propagation still occuring for every user of the web, assuming that you have successfully changed the nameservers and succesfully added the domain to your InfinityFree account.

It wasnt recently registered, the nameservers are correct. Still the site isnt loading. Dont know what is the issue.

I didnt create any sub domains. I am new to this, if you can tell me how to check .htaccess it would be great, havent configured the site in months but it was working up until recently.


Please note that the domain will start working within three days after it was added to the hosting account. The registration date of the domain name itself doesn’t really matter here, it’s primarily DNS settings and DNS caching causing this.

May i know until when the site will be back up? Has been down since 27 Feb.

Are you sure ?


this page and redirect from www to ww8 has nothing to do with our server

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