Why is my https://www.vandhaitamil.in is redirecting to free subdomain

Hi… my domain “https://www.vandhaitamil.in” is redirecting to vandhaitamil.epizy.com… not sure why… though “www.vandhaitamil.in” is working fine. My nameservers are from cloudflare they’ve confirmed there is no issue from there side.

earlier i used vandhaitamil[dot]epizy[dot]com. but now im not using it. i dont remember setting an redirection. please help.

Currently your custom domain is not redirecting visitors to the free domain.

Your current issue is that by default when using www. subdomain or accessng the website without specifying to access it through http:// protocol, the user by default is redirected to the https:// (SSL enabled) version of the website, however since you do not have a valid, signed certificate the system cannot display the content that is on your website on https:// version of it.

When I accessed your website through http://vandhaitamil.in it worked fine and the content is displayed.

Either install a verified and secure SSL certificate or give out the non-SSL URL of the site.

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