Why is my hosting not working?

تم الاشتراك بالاستضافه ولا تعمل ولا يمكننى الوصول الى الدومين المجانى ولا لوحه التحكم

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الاستضافى معلقة ولا استطيع الوصول الى الدومين

Welcome! Take note this is an English forum.
Please provide more info.
What is the domain?


where is my hosting ???
your site easy and fast when take money but after that no problem
where is my hooooooooooosting

where is my hosting ???
your site easy and fast when take money but after that no problem
where is my hooooooooooosting

you did not find my account and not find my hossting and donot understand arabic
but when payment you understand indain and japanese but now you need english to understand
where is my fuuuuucken housting ( mrasil.online )
is that fair to understand

Your domains seems to have no nameservers. What is the problem exactly?

Because everyone on this forum communicates with English since we have different native languages.


the real problem that all people told me infinity is the bad hosting and i said lets try
now i pay hosting that mean i have a site space and free domin and free e mail and c panel for one year i didnot have problem i need to go into my c panel and build my site
i did not havr any problem except i said above
now how i can go into my c panle and start build my fuckkken site
reply me and ask waht the problem and i will talk you by another way

So did you pay for Ifastnet hosting then? You need to maintain your website from their cpanel, not InfinityFree. (InfinityFree and IfastNet are separate hence you need to ask them for support and not us)


when i pay hossting from your fucken site ( InfinityFree ) its redirect me to another fucken site to pay you didnot know that?
you mean i didnot get hosting in infinity ???

Sir, Infinityfree does not provide premium hosting. What you paid for is Ifastnet which provides free service through hosting providers such as infinityfree.


InfinityFree only provide Free Hosting Services and does not require/support any payment.

To confirm that you paid iFastNet, please check your invoices in your iFastNet Account.
If you happened to have bought Premium(Paid) Hosting with iFastNet, please contact their support team and not here.


i start with your site with free hosting and when i puplished my site its say only 3 pags you can puplish and i press in buttom in your site to change hosting from free to premium plan and i payed waht the relation between that ??? you provide free hosting with 3 pags only ???

There is no such rule as that, where are you fetching it from?
Ah wait accounts? Is that less to you?

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The 3 Pages limit is set by the Site.Pro Website Builder, it is a free reseller plan that InfinityFree is using, which is limited to 3 pages only for websites using the Site Builder.

It is recommended that you use other website builders such as WordPress (+ Elementor), which eliminate the 3 pages limit.

By the look of it, you could have paid any one of the following

You should have received some kind of emails regarding your invoice, so it’s worth checking your inbox.

  1. You did not pay for InfinityFree, so you can’t request refund on this forum, even if you want to.
  2. Free Advertisements :thinking:
  • Real ads or something bad?

You did not. This is what I see

If you are on premium hosting, contact iFastnet directly.

There is nothing we can do for you here.


This is a nono on free hosting


it is a way to get around the 3 page limit :joy:

but yeah, the resources may not be enough


Please check the emails received for information regarding the purchase you made, and pay VERY close attention to the company/brand name shown in the email.

Then please contact the brand/company shown in that email for information regarding your purchase, such as how you can start using it for you site.

I can guarantee you that it will not say InfinityFree, because we do not sell any paid services ourselves

All offers shown for paid services on our site are from third party companies, such as iFastNet, Site.pro and NameSilo. We try to make sure to select reputable partners, and provide accurate information about their services, but ultimately the services are not provided by us, so we are not an authoritative source for information about their services, cannot make any guarantees about the quality, and cannot provide support regarding them. We simply don’t have the level of access necessary to do so.

Also, I would like to urge you to also please pay close attention to what exactly you’ve ordered. In the email you sent us you said something about ordering a domain name. If you’ve only ordered a domain name, all you get is a domain name, which means you’ll still need hosting. Hosting and domains are not the same thing. If you only have a domain name, you’ll probably still want hosting, either free or paid, and either from us or from another company.

And we clearly (I think) state on our website that free hosting comes with free subdomains and the ability to host you own domain. Premium hosting does often come with a free domain, but that’s not free hosting.

If you don’t understand what hosting and domains are and how they relate, we’re happy to explain it to you so you can make an informed decision about what to buy. If you think you know, that’s fine too. But please don’t purchase something, and then send us insults and accuse us of lying, cheating and fraud, all because you purchased something that’s not the product you’re looking for.

Sounds more like libel to me. Talking bad about InfinityFree for not providing a service that wasn’t ordered from us, and we never even offered in the first place.


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