Why is my account suspended?

My username is epiz_22280982
My account is shown active.
But just been informed my account may have been suspended as the reason why I can not access the Control Panel.

Why is my account suspended then?

What does the client area say

It shows my account Active.

But I can not access the Control Panel.
When I clicked on the CP it says this:

Not Found

The requested URL /panel/modules/signout/index.php was not found on this server.

does this link give the same issue ?


This is the first time I am having this issue. Normally I access the CP normally.
What is the problem please?

my web hosting is on /home/vol9_6 and the cpanel is loading correcly
maybe your server has an issue, hopefully admin will check it shortly

are you still able to open a support ticket ? might help

Yes, I opened a ticket here.

im just wondering if https://cpanel.epizy.com works for you ?

Nope. It does not work.

sure is busted then :thinking:

Nope not busted!

Now able to access the CP by deleting part of the url showing error.


My account is NOT suspended! It is shown active.
I have open ticket here.
No one no why it comes with error.

You created a topic asking “why is my account suspended” and now you’re saying your account is not suspended? I’m sorry, but which is it?

Or rather, what can we do for you? And what do you see?


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