Why is chat.php disabled to access? (403 Error)

Why is the chat.php file unable to access?

I made a kind of chat before on 2 sides one, where you can “send messages” (save text in sql) and one, where you can “receive” these “messages” (show everything in this sql-table). I decided to put this two files together and named it chat.php . Now I can’t access it. I looked for answers in the forum and found: 403 Access denied why is a chat not allowed?


(The “chat” is only for me, to send text form my Smartphone/PC to PC . It is the fastest option I tried, I would know many other methods, but I choose this one.)

I’m sorry, but we don’t allow any kind of chat scripts for any purpose. This includes for personal use. This is chat.php is disabled: we can’t host this for you.


You could use shoutbox or any other name

But that might be violating the TOS.

The rule is that we don’t allow chat scripts because they overload the servers. So creating something that is functionally equivalent a chat script but has a different name is just as much banned as a chat script that’s called a chat script.

Just because the ban isn’t being enforced on a technical level in the same way doesn’t mean it’s not banned.


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