Why index file was deleted automatically?

Why my files in HTML format was deleted automatically right after it was uploaded ?
I’ve scan the file and it wasn’t infected with any virus or malware. The file is an index file for sub folder of my website and the size is less than 10mb.

And i believe the file is not against anything as listed in this page https://infinityfree.net/support/why-are-my-files-deleted-after-uploading/ .

Here is the VirusTotal result.

Maybe it was not uploaded successfully? try uploading using a FTP CLIENT such as filezilla.

The file was successfully uploaded and live for a second before it was removed.

@Admin can help you Know.

Please note a few things:

  • Most virus scanners are built for desktops, particularly for Windows, and not for scanning websites.
  • We run our own malware detection system which is better suited for our purpose (and is not included in VirusTotal).
  • We scan for malware, not just viruses. Malicious code might not be a virus, it can be an unsafe script, hacked plugin or other piece of harmful code.
  • No virus scanner is perfect. Some virus scanners say a file is safe and others say it’s not safe. Either may be right or wrong.

So please don’t mistake a green light from VirusTotal as absolute proof that your file is safe, or that our system thinks your file is safe.

I don’t know how I can help you with this, we don’t keep detailed logs of everything we block, so I can’t tell you why your file was being removed.

However, you didn’t specify the exact size of the file. You say it’s less than 10 MB, but how big is it really?

1.59mb to be exact. The file is 100% using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any other code.

This another problem but I will not create new post. I got this error with my MX record even though I’ve add mx.epizy.com in my MX.

" To recieve emails on the email address you will need to set the [MX record] for your domain name to mx.epizy.com"

it may be that the names of some functions in JS or somewhere else triggered protection sys.

try to delete some parts of the code of index.html
and upload it until you notice that is auto-deleted by the protection sys.
(so you’ll find out where the problem is)

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It happens to everyone, even if youve allready set your MX record.Just ignore it

I’m sorry about that. The article is out of date and needs to be updated. That’s because, since a short while, a new limit has been set of 1 MB for HTML and PHP files, similar to how there is a 10 kB limit on .htaccess files.

I’m not sure exactly why you have a HTML file which is so big, but maybe you can reduce the file size, or split the file up in some way. For example, you could move inline CSS or JS to separate files, or use PHP to process data sets or combine smaller HTML/PHP fragments into a single page.

Well, that’s not an error. That notice is always shown to remind you about MX records. It doesn’t change based on the actual MX records of your domain.

Thanks for the reply,
By the way I can’t login to the webmail.
When i tried to login the roundcube with email address and password, the page just simply refresh.

How to access all information for IMAP or POP3?


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