Why I have a ban on the host

I want to ask why you stopped my host after 4 days of waiting for it to open and it was stopped, but why was it stopped? What have I done or broken?


I guess this is the address nfl-cs.gq

Please check your client area for more information.

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it seems to be working now (10 minutes ago it was suspended )

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The host is included, thanks a lot. But if you can run my other site: ( designer-cs.rf.gd ) Because in it I have uploaded a design that I made and the people who visit the site download each selected design… And the other thing I want to delete is the merged account (epiz_27720232 nfl-cs.rf.gd) Because there is nothing in it to give me a try with the design or the small systems.

As you can see in the client area, your account for designer-cs.rf.gd is still suspended. Please submit a ticket for that one as well to get it reactivated.


It’s ready and thank you for your time. You are a good team.


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