Why i get this message about SSL certificate?

i have made a new test website for studies , but when i try to request a SSL cert. i see this message :

What is wrong with it?

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don’t know, i did it the same like otherwise and suddenly i see this issue

but its working now :wink:

Its not an error message, it just a setting option that is designed to look like an error message for some reason (Why does the entire card need to be red Admin?)


Because red is associated with anything that needs caution, Github has a red box in repository settings for the things that require caution as well (Delete rep, transfer ownership etc)

If a person cannot read what the box exactly says then it is on them.


To avoid people beelining to the bottom of the page and accidentally deleting their certificate because they don’t read the box and understand that it’s a “danger zone”. But this may be a bit too aggressive, I’ll think about making it a bit more subtle.


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