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Facebook said nothing, I just can’t post. After I tried with bit.ly address it just said that my address is spam.

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My site is just a blog… My last post is about self-care I don’t find anything spamy.

This is nothing wrong with host. You site might be blacklisted by social media. You have to get in touch with their support team to know the reason of getting blacklisting.

I never posted there from this site… I just tried it today?
Do you have any idea what can cause it?

Someone might have reported your link as spam to Facebook due to some post
I can’t tell exact reason but that can be the cause.
Another cause can be Pop-up ads or your site may redirect to site which contains harmful links.

Sorry, but seems like our hosting account, or this is an infinityfree error. There’s already an issues about this before here at our forum, they can’t also share their link or domain on facebook or instagram because of they marked the domain as a spam.

To be honest i don’t think it is related with hosting in any way. It is related with domain and stuff on site.

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The user is still new here, you know. They might not know any on how they sort the categories and they only want their problems to be solved.

By the way, maybe installing SSL might help you. It will secure your site and will increase website’s security reputation.

Actually i got the problem. The problem is subdomain he is using http://my-style.in which is blacklisted by social medias as i tested so any subdomain on for that domain will also be blacklisted.
I recommend you to try other domains to make subdomain or use custom domain and it will work fine.

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Most of our free subdomains are banned by Facebook (and - apparently - other Facebook products too). As to why they have banned the domains, I can only guess. Facebook has not responded to any of our attempts to contact them.


Do they ever? I don’t think so. Once a URL is banned, it’s banned.


Classic Facebook


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