Why i am not able upload my html files to file manager?

Sir I am having problem in uploading my html files to file manager, when I upload the file it shows completing the upload but file does not appear in file manager, the images and css file gets upload successfully but html file does not upload and site does not even show any error, all of my files are under file size limit but I still cannot figure out why this is happening.
The file manager that opens through my cpanel is " Monsta FTP "
My domain name is mylib.lovestoblog.com
I am also attaching the screenshots

Please use a ftp client such as FileZilla.

or, create the file in Monsta and paste the contents

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I noticed something: you deleted the htdocs folder! You’ll have to create it first, then upload your website contents there!


Thanks alot bro your given solution actually worked thanks


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