Why I am not able to create an Email with my domain name, options are disabled for me to create an email?

Why I am not able to create an email with my domain name, options are disabled for me to create an email?

requesting you to give me the solution ASAP

We disabled it. Upgrade to premium or use an external provider


But with my Domain plan, I am able to create 1 Email so requesting you to provide me the same so I can create an email with my domain name.


When you bought your domain you are offered this? You have to create the email account with your domain registrar than.


We don’t provide any email services. But if your domain provider provides you with an email service, you can probably just use that along with our web hosting service.

To do that, you should probably find the DNS Records Management system of your domain provider and look for records with type MX. You can then replicate those records in our control panel through the menu called MX Records.


Hello, As per your given information, I have taken the link which I need to enter in MX record but it shows the error, so could you please do this for me by your end? So with the help of you, I will be able to create an email, with my domain name I am able to create 2 email for my business. so requesting you to please help me with the same.

What shows what error? Can you please explain what exactly you are doing and see?

I want to help you, but I would rather teach you to use the tools we provide than do it for you. And I can’t do it right now since I don’t know the domain, registrar, their nameservers or their mail servers.

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It shows “Illegal characters in MX Record part 5 (PrivateBin ).” As I am directly pesting the given link from my domain providers.

Could you please provide me the steps, how to update MX record? As I have taken the link from my domain provider.

Awaiting for your reply

cant see - image


please check with this link, It’s new taken from the Domain partner and not having password

Ok, are you getting this information from your domain registrar and putting it into PrivateBin? Can we see a screenshot from your domain registrar? Also, who is your domain register?

Of course, we already have those here:

Really. I have honestly no idea what else to tell you because of how simple it is.

I don’t know what you have done. I just pasted the data from your text file and put them in the right fields. No errors whatsoever. And it took less time to do than it took to write this message.


I did try first but it shows an error to me again and again then I requested you for the same, I am so sorry that I asked you for such a simple process to be done by your end. I hope I have not taken your time, because I am taking so much time to write this message again & again.

Now hope after this much wasted time of mine including yours, my issue will get resolved.

Thanks for the Support!

Note that, in VPanel, you have to use this tool for the MX records:

And this tool for the CNAME records:

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Is there any further process I need to follow for the same? I guess Still M not able to create an email with my domain name. Do I need to wait for 72 hr to complete? and how I can use mentioned tools in VPanel? please do needful with the proper steps if having any?

  1. Get the MX and CNAME records from the company that is providing the email for you (I think this is your domain register)

  2. Enter the information into the VisaPannel as @alexvf has said

  3. That’s it, now just wait for it to start working, it can take some time.

If you get any errors, please screenshot them and upload them to this thread.

Thanks and Good Luck!

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@Greenreader9, I guess the above 2 steps are already done by @alexvf, he supported me with the same. so I will wait for the activation.

No, you have to do it yourself. No one can do it for you

Use postale.io, They give you 15 free days for your email address. (Yes they accept custom domains)