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Recently I uploaded files to my Epizy.com website using FTP. In the FTP client, the size/date changed on your server, so I know the files were successfully uploaded. However, when I view the new files in a Web browser, they do not appear immediately. Recently the delay has been several days.

Could somebody please explain how FTP works for uploading. Are the files first uploaded to a staging area? (Everything is working now.)

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What you describe seems like an issue with your browser cache. To view updates immediately, you will need to clear your cache.


Thanks for the two responders. However, I don’t believe the problem is my browser cache.

I am developing an AJAX system, and this requires cooperation between HTML on the client, JavaScript on the client (which I store in a separate file), and a PHP script on the server. There is a lot to go wrong.

The day after I posted, I viewed my test page which displayed the current HTML, but the JavaScript did not execute (this sometimes happens). So I immediately reloaded the page. This second time, the JavaScript executed but the HTML displayed was now an old version that I updated a week ago. I reloaded the page again. This third time, the JavaScript executed and the HTML displayed was the current version again. (Note that FTP was not involved.)

To me, the most likely explanation is that Epizy has multiple servers, and is having difficulty keeping the content synchronized.


Try using cellular data then.

It’s not going to be a content sync issue, because there is only one data center.


Also, please note that some hosting is not allowed here. Please use an external host (Lime post images) to host your photo albums.

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Just to let you know: your website is only being served from a single web server at a time. There is no synchronization going on between different servers for dynamic stuff like website files and databases.


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