Why Facebook blockes ".rf.gd" domains?


I was trying to post my website on my Facebook page. When I typed my domain, it showed up an error saying that “rf.gd” is a ‘malicious link’.

Why is this happening? Could you please tell Facebook that it’s not a malicious link?

Thank you!

Have you asked Facebook why they block the domain? They blocked it, we didn’t.

If they don’t respond to you, then Facebook has told you just as much as they told us.

i have the same thing with my is-great.net and my 2kool4ul.net
And it’s not only on facebook. I have had to add exceptions in my browser to get it to open the sites.(i believe the protection was provided by avast)
I’ve heard that there are more domains being blocked from the infinity provider but also from the paid hosting side.

Maybe something to look into and solve before sending mails asking to upgrade to premium?:

I am not giving up, harrassing facebook and avira to at least explain why they block the whole domain inadvertantly blocking websites of innocent customers of the hosting providers. It’s just not right.

But it is certainly LESS RIGHT for infinity free to shove off the burdon of getting the blocking lifted onto its clients. If it is one site, yes, the site operator should take action. If whole domains get blocked, then the provider should take action.

I would think the answer may be rather obvious, spam.