Why does my site look horrendous on mobile and Edge but looks fine elsewhere

So I’ve checked and double checked my site before uploading it to InfinityFree on Chrome, FireFox, and Edge. Including the Mobile Display for each. Everything looked exactly as i expected it to. Then I uploaded my files to the hosting sitem and… OH BOY!!! CSS is barely there, everything looks wonky. no spacing at all, and some of the pictures wernt there, even though i checked the file they were directed to and sure enough they were there. This site only uses HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. it looked fine before uploading the files to infinity free, what happened?

My site: http://paipai13.epizy.com/RoRotique/index.html

Thanks Kindly

I checked your site on my phone and it’s working fine there.

In any case, we don’t manipulate your website’s content. Assuming all the asset URLs are correct, there is no reason why it should look different between your own computer and our hosting.

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