Why does linkedin links take down a website?

Hey, I’m new here so hopefully I’m not putting this question in the wrong Catergory. I got my website suspend. A website that links to my socials like linked, instagram, discord etc. My website keep get being false flaged for illegal content or over loading the servers. When i asked why my website kept getting flag it was because i have my linkedin linked to my website. So Im wondering why does this happen? and is there anyway to be able to link my linkedin? because this is my personal portfolio website.

I don’t think having a link to your LinkedIn can get you suspended… what is the link to it, if you don’t mind sharing it?

What exactly did support tell you, would it be possible to post a screenshot of their reply or share the message here (removing any potentially confidential data)?


Apparently, the specific content on your page is triggering our abuse filters, possibly because those filters believe that your website may be a LinkedIn phishing page. Looking at the website, I think the filters are wrong.

But unfortunately, our filters don’t really have a good way to mark things as false positive in a way that prevents your website from being suspended for the same reason again. So even though your content probably doesn’t violate our terms, you will have to remove it for now to keep the filters happy.


Thanks so much!

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Hi iMrPop,

Do you mind sharing the nature of the content or your website link via PM? I’m kinda interested.


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Hi iMrPop,

There’s nothing on the page, but I do notice a javascript that connects to an ad service. The page renders as a blank page.


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