Why do the host suspends my account for 24hrs?

Why is the server suspending my website for 24 hrs continously?

I’ve installed only 2-3 small size plugins. What am I doing wrong ?

you should setup a caching plugin or enable cloudflare. however. cpu is keeping used by codes. so running lot of codes can reach the cpu limits. it looks that plugins you installed have high codes


In the knowledge base are articles which explain what the limits mean and what you can do to reduce your usage. Have you tried following those instructions?


Which plugin should I install, Clodflare or Cloudflare Page Cache ?

You can install caching plugins like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache or Autoptimize. Read about how they differ and which one is suitable for you.

Using Cloudflare as your CDN is also helpful as it serves cached webpages and also decreases the load time, and can also reduce CPU usage.


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