Why do i need to use paypal to buy premium

i mean it doesnt sound right. im not even old enough to use paypal and ifastnet is forcing me to go to paypal. can i get help please?

We can’t help you in this issue.
But what payment method do you expect?

im using an prepaid visa card. ifastnet has no option for me to put in the card details once i try to buy premium.

I can see a lot of methods to pay.

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wait but when i click the premium button it redirects me to ifastnet’s homepage and logs me out. i have to go into cpanel if i want to buy premium and i wont be able to see those options

very weird

now its saying

Please correct the following errors before continuing:

Your credit card could not be verified, please try again or retry using a different credit card.

Is it credit or debit?

credit, prepaid visa card

I’m not too sure if Prepaid cards are excepted. But, you’ll have to wait for someone who knows now.

Please contact iFastNet about this on https://support.ifastnet.com. They should know more about their payment options than anyone here, and may actually be able to check what happened to your payment attempts on their end.

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