Why did infinityfree suspend all of my accounts

:neutral_face: infinityfree suspended all of my accounts.

I will make another account on infinityfree then.

Once you violated TOS, all accounts will be suspended


I use virtual machine then

No point in using vm when you cant make the website in it public.


Yes I can? I have tried it already

If you believe the suspensions are eligible for an appeal (that is to say, you don’t think you violated the Terms of Service, or wish to correct the violation), you may open a ticket as described in the article and support will review your account.

Opening more accounts will only lead to more suspensions, and a potential permanent blacklist.

As long as it’s exposed to the internet, a VM can be used to host websites. Many cloud providers offer VMs that can be used to host websites; a VPS is also thought as a virtual machine on a physical server:


I meant the one which you run on the local device, if you can make it online then great but then you are responsible for the security threats and having to keep things online 24/7 on your own (also the copyright)


What accounts?
Hosting Accounts or a normal one?

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