Why did infinityfree delete all the data in my databse



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You do realize that we operate the hosting service, right? And that the files and databases you create and upload here are uploaded to and running on our systems? And that we may occasionally need to access that content to protect our systems and provide support?

If you don’t want to give anyone else access to your data, then you should buy your own server and have it running in your home. Because if you use any kind of hosting service, that always means someone else can have access to your data.

Which database are you referring to and which data is gone? What else do you know about it, for example when the data was deleted or what the data was about?

We don’t just delete your data without any reason. So I’m sure there is a reason why your data is gone too. It may have been us and it may have been intentional, but I can’t say based on an accusation without information.


Good day Mr BayoDino and Mr exploreWeb,
Please help me i feel so depressed I lost all my table data in my databases stored on your hosting site! It took me weeks to enter the data into two tables in my database. I had a stores table and a products table and I am building a mobile app to display the data. I always access the data every week but your site claimed I had not accessed the website in 30 days and revoked the account and this is not true. someone on your website entered my database and rolled back everything now i have no data and it hurts. During the pandemic a lot of similar things are happening all over the world and privacy and data is being hacked everywhere. please help me get my data back or is it gone forever . Your site should not be called infinity if my data is lost then that is hypocrisy as you deleted all my data and did who knows what with it behind my back with no notice or warning by claiming I had not accessed my website for 30 days . I know you wont care but I was just about ready to launch the app and try to use it to make a good sum of money from the most profitable businesses in my country but your site destroyed my database behind my back with no warning or notice during the pandemic jesus christ maybe i should just shoot myself !

It`s depressing that I mercilessly lost everything I had on your hosting site for infinity !

yours sincerely
Zaakir Mungrue
Computer Scientist at OneNine Software Development Company



I have checked your account. I saw it was indeed suspended for inactivity, but I also see it was reactivated just a few hours later.

As you can read in a dictionary, “suspended” means “temporarily disabled”. It does not mean “permanently damaged”, “terminated”, “removed” or anything like that.

This is because when we suspend an account, we never delete any data from it. A suspended account can be reactivated and be restored to exact state it was before it was suspended. Which, as far as I can tell, is exactly what happened with your account.

I still don’t know what data you are talking about or what happened to it. But your accusation that we deleted your data due to inactivity is simply not true.


I had a stores table and a products table in mySQL databases section of your control panel and you deleted all my stores and products intentionally behind my back without any notice! Eveything is gone all I have is empty tables now ! each table had 11 columns and contained Blobs. Why did you delete my data and lie and say its still there and ignore me ? just give me back my data for god sake stop putting me through all this , are you people evil satanists ?

WE DIDNT DO ANYTHING. As Admin said your account was suspended for inactivity and it was reactivated.

Repeating, We simply dont know what happened to your data.



Let me be honest with you and tell you what I DO know:

  • I can say what data is in your account right now. This is also what you can see through the control panel, FTP, file manager, phpMyAdmin, etc.
  • I know that we do not make backups of user data. We have precautions to protect against data loss due to technical issues, but any change anyone makes to any site data is permanent.
  • An account suspension restricts access to a hosting account, but no data is changed or removed during it.

I did not say that the data was not deleted. If you say these tables were there before and aren’t anymore now, I don’t see any reason to doubt you.

But I can tell you that I can’t do anything for you here because I don’t know what happened to the data and I can’t restore the data.

So I’m sorry, but your data is probably gone. I don’t know when, who, what or why this data was deleted.

If I understand you correctly, you want two things:

  • An explanation as to why we deleted your data.
  • Retrieval of your data.

And the short and simple answer is that I simply cannot offer you either of those things.


@ZAAKIR And to add to what admin said, he cannot as in physically cannot provide you with an answer as he doesn’t have one either.

One of the most terrifying mistakes I have made is accidentally deleting a folder containing a big project. I was lucky enough that I had devtools up to copy-paste the 2 main files (the others were just two logos) that I needed back in and restore the state to some extent. This seems like it was 10x worse.

We are truly sorry for what happened.

However, it is also your responsibility to make sure that you have a backup. Keep a backup in a secure cloud storage service or even on a USB (encrypting it sounds like a good idea).

Just remember what we have said so as not to come back in an even worse state of shock.

We don’t want to see you lose your data twice.


Alright I hope you did all you can to retrieve my data . I cried so much I cant cry anymore about this my eyes are dried up now. I will never stop hating you ignorant, in-compassionate, selfish, greedy, wicked people who go about deleting other peoples belongings without any care about their hard work ! You are " deleteYourDataBehindYourBackForInfinityFree.com " you are not a web host you are a web data destroyer ! I hope one day someone or covid or jabs deletes all of you !

God Bless you for this !

You have to realize that sometimes glitches and/or malfunctions happen.

It could be very well that someone deleted your data via a malicious SQL injection on your website.

If everyone suddenly raged at having their data deleted or some bug happening (which they kinda do ngl) then the internet probably wouldn’t exist.

Blaming people for something you don’t know they did isn’t respectful either.

A death wish and/or a wish for destruction is far worse and can even be punished with criminal-level charges.

Just remember this so you won’t get in trouble in the future :slight_smile:


Well, insulting people and wishing them to die for what they have not done?

  1. What about if someone was able to access your website because you were careless and deleted your data either for fun or getting revenge?
  2. What about If you have done that yourself on mistake? without you actually remembering?
    3 What about if someone was able to hack into your website because of a security hole in your website?

Please do remember that events are sometimes unexpected and even not caused by either you or your provider, this can be because of a mistake, server hiccup or etc. Since you are religious (based on your wording here), were you aware that your religion forbids accusing when you do not know the truth? It also tells you to prepare yourself for unexpected events.

This could be taking backup from your website and database time to time which you have not done, which means you’ve caused your data lose.

I hope you do understand that nobody is your enemy here, we have no exception for any religion, race, nationality and etc we treat people fairly. If your data is lost, then this was your fault especially if we were not even aware or have caused this data lose.


All I am saying is it would be ironic if you guys get deleted with covid or not who cares right…

Mate I don’t know who you are and whats your intention. IT IS 100% NOT cool to wish that someone gets Covid and die. As i said before, Why in the world have you not taken a backup. https://practiceperfectemr.com/blog/10-reasons-why-you-need-to-backup-your-data-daily
Read it. Specifically their 3rd point

  1. Computer crashes

Why is it that computer crashes always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times? Don’t be caught off guard when your computer decides that it wants to shut down on you.

By performing daily data backups, you’re ensuring that computer crashes don’t bring your business to a grinding halt.

As Admin, @Thewebuser22 @anon19508339 and me said We do not know what happened to your data.

We have people who care for us. Our Family, our irl friends, our online friends. Repeating We do NOT know what happened to your data tbh this is harassments


I notice that the OP describes himself as “Computer Scientist at OneNine Software Development Company”. It seems odd to me that someone in such a position doesn’t know about the propensity of software bugs to damage or delete data when such bugs randomly strike. We are not dealing with perfect software systems and everyone involved in this field is taught from day one always to back up their data and never just trust that a single copy of it is in any way secure, especially when it’s in the care of someone else who isn’t even being paid to host it. It’s sad that the data’s been lost, but the only person to blame for that is the person who owns the data. He needs to learn from that, stop blaming other people for his beginner’s mistake, move on, and rebuild his data while making sure he backs it up regularly with multiple copies stored on multiple storage devices (and preferably with some copies stored in the cloud and at other people’s houses to cover all eventualities). Everyone would like to reunite him with his data if there was a way to do it, but there isn’t. No one ever made any promise that there would be a way to recover lost data from the servers - it has always been the job of the data owner to guard against such a loss by keeping their own backups.


also the extension is .net :laughing: :crazy_face:

I will state once again for the last time:

We did not purposely delete your data. I cannot confirm or deny whether it was us that deleted your data at all, by accident or otherwise. But I firmly reject any accusations that we deleted your data on purpose with the intent to cause you harm.

I know data loss is horrible, I have experienced it too so I know what pain you fail. I also know how attractive it is to blame others for what happened, regardless of the actual circumstances.

If you insist that we did this and we hate you, I understand why you feel that. I don’t agree, but I understand.

But I can tell you that accusing and insulting people here will not get you an explanation as to why your data was lost and will not bring your data back.

All I can say is I’m feel sorry for your loss and I wish you best of luck with your new hosting provider.

I’m leaving this topic and your account open in case you still have questions about this which you would like to ask. But if you do, I will ask you to be respectful and understanding.

If you continue to accuse and insult people, I see no other option but to close this topic and block your forum profile. So if you don’t have any questions, please just move on because there is nothing else we can do for you.