Why did i go over the limits?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

the daily cpu limit is being reached…but why? i have not interacted with the site in weeks and it is not operational yet so the only hits it gets is from me showing it to friends and family. its bare of any items

i have wordpress using woocommerce and shopmaster. but i have not used them in anyway… outside or inside wordpress or inf free. i am confused. if it was a problem on my end of running too many x please let me know of anything i can do. thanks

link to website is Fat Dick’s Headshop

i updated wordpress last time i logged on but i pinged it yesterday and i could see the website running perfectly

also, i am using the email through roundcube but that is still functional. i do not know if that is related to the limit also, but i haven’t been using that too much either.

Did you check your traffic statistics in Cloudflare? Many times we see people come here saying their website was suspended but there wasn’t any traffic, but Cloudflare shows that there was a lot of (bot) traffic to the website, which caused the usage that resulted in the limits being hit.

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