Why cant you Accept Cloudflare Orgin SSL

Infinty Free should really allow Cloudflare Orgin SSL because first of all it’s free & for 15 years or InfintyFree should increase the time limit for the SSL in the Free SSL Tab

You should read this

Try self-signed cert plus CF. It’s good for 10 years. Not a bad alternative


But self signed certificate can’t be sure in Full Strict

Why can’t you Increase the SSL certificate time ?

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No one is sure of the future, either someone’s website will die or the owner will die no one knows. 10 years is already much!


I am not talking about Self Signed SSL Cert

Because it is free, if you need more time, upgrade to premium sectigo ssl.

Then get from Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL etc

If you pay $$$ of course it can be done


I had a Feature Request for InfintyFree to Automically Renew SSL , Is the Possible ?

Sorry, not possible. The admin might implement in future. Who knows…

The control panel validates whether the certificate matches the domain name by looking at the Common Name field in the certificate. Cloudflare creates certificates that do not have the Common Name set, so the control panel is unable to confirm that the certificate matches the domain name.

The expiration time of the certificate is controlled by the certificate provider, not by us. Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL and GoGetSSL only provide 90 day certificates for free. The last two also sell certificates that are valid for 1 year, but then you need to pay. “Real” certificates that are valid for more than 1 year don’t exist anymore because certificate providers and browser makers together decided that having shorter lived certificate is safer.

If you’re using Cloudflare, the best we can offer you is to use the self signed certificate with Cloudflare “Full” SSL mode.

I’d really love to offer one click SSL certificates with fully automated validation and installation, but technical limitations just make this impossible right now.

Premium hosting offers Let’s Encrypt certificates that are renewed automatically, and allows uploading Cloudflare Origin Certificates. So if you insist on strict SSL without having to renew the certificate every three months, then you may want to consider upgrading.


Really Thanks for the Reply , I have got that now !


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