Why can't the control panel be opened?

Why can’t the control panel be opened?Why can’t the control panel be opened? This is what happens when you open it

The tour guide was replaced. It’s the same with any extensions

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Explain exactly. At me works. Retry now

Hmm, it loaded for me, so maybe try a different browser, disable adblockers (don’t think that will help, but worth a shot), or clear your cache.

Thats interesting that its only throwing a 500 error for you. It must be related to some sort of caching.

Like @Greenreader9, try a different browser or device.

It could be a temporary issue with the control panel or an issue with your account?

Do you still experience this issue? And what is the username of the account on which you experience this issue?

Refresh again and you can enter. But every time you enter, you have to refresh it again

Try a different browser.


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