Why can't I install any SSL certificate? "Unable to login to your hosting account."

Hello, I am getting this error:

It occurs to me that there could be two reasons:

-I have already changed the password a few minutes ago, maybe infinityfree is trying to do these processes through my old password ?

-I just added my .com domain (from porkbun) a few minutes ago. DNS has not propagated yet.

Thanks for your help and best regards.

Just follow what the error message shows.

  1. Login to the control panel using the button in the client area
  2. If that does not work, reset the account password via the “Edit Account” button in the client area

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The situation is very strange. I changed my password, but I can’t enter with the new, only with the old one. And obviously doesn’t let me to create any ssl certificate

Don’t reset the password in the control panel, that’s why you are having issues.

You need to do it the way I said before:


Sorry, but where is this “Edit account” button?

Hm, looks like it was moved. It’s under “Account Settings” now

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Thank you! I thought so, but I was not sure.

does this mean that SSL will be installed automatically or do i need to change something in my view panel DNS section? sorry, i know nothing about dns, ssl, domains…

By the way, is it possible to have several SSL certificates installed at the same time?

Once CNAME is verified, you will be prompted to install the certificate

And you can only have one SSL CERTIFICATE installed at a time


Unfortunately, I think I have made a mistake. I have installed Self Signed (not trusted) and it seems that with it the red “unsafe page” icon still appears in the browser (just what I wanted to avoid…). How can I uninstall this certificate? I have to introduce another one? unfortunately the red “delete certificate” option that I had before does not appear.

However, if it appears in TLS in the vista panel, is this red button where I should click?

Thanks for your support.

Just create a new certificate in the control panel and install it, it will override the current one.


OK now it says “SSL certificate is installed”

SSL Checker (sslshopper.com)

But Im checking it here and it says…

It says lets encrypt is unreliable. So I will still have the same problem showing the browser that the page is not secure ? :frowning: Thanks and greetings greenreader9

Automated SSL checkers like that don’t work well with the free hosting platform.

As long as the certificate shows secure in the browser, all is good.


in incognito by browser in windows already tells me it’s safe! great! thanks! However, in incognito on phone it is still insecure… Strange! Tried with Chrome and Vivaldi

When the 90 days of lets encrypt trial finished, it will be renewed automatically?

No, you will have to create a new certificate

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Let’s Encrypt’s 90 day certificates are not a trial, Let’s Encrypt doesn’t do anything other than provide 90 day certificates for free.

None of our free SSL certificates are renewed automatically, but you can renew all of them by requesting a new certificate for the same domain name, and using that to replace the existing certificate.


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