Why can't I extract the zip file on the file manager?

I tried but can’t extract the source code on the file manager but it doesn’t seem to work !!! I can only upload zip files

Yeah, It’s dodgy and doesn’t work for extracting files, either extract the file on your local computer and upload it, or try and use a desktop app like FileZilla


It’s okay but I want to extract it right on the file manager because it’s very convenient

you can try to extract it in your device then put it in folder and upload the folder instead

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Your file is to large or the folder/subfolder is to much causing connection timeout, max size file to upload on infinityfree only allowed 10 mb

My source code is very light but still can’t extract it

your file is very light but the number is to much it will still cause connection timeout on ftp infinityfree

try to upload it little by little

It’s not the file upload size, it’s the fact that extracting the file requires downloading the file to the file manager server, unzipping it, then re-uploading it, and 100’s of users doing such at once


More than thousands are using filemanager.

I talked iFastNet regarding this and they said this a software limitation, and they can’t do anything.
If you want to upload zip and extract it, do it via php script.
That’s a hack I am using from times.

Yep. You can use this:

Which is why you should do as @HaydenANG said.


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