Why can't I download my folder?

I tried to download my folder that I uploaded in the file manager but it says unknown error occured during download please help

How about doing it using Filezilla?


I am assuming you are using the ftpupload website for your file handling.

I have had the same error with the web FTP many times when developing on my website.

This is because the Web FTP is made for quick edits, and cannot take heavy file handling.

Like suggested, use FileZilla. I used it myself and was easily able to download all that I needed. It is meant for (and the recommended FTP for) file management on InfinityFree.

Other FTP servers will likely work as well, so you don’t have to be limited to FileZilla. Just don’t use the web FTP for your files.

If you can only use the web FTP, the solution that really only (sometimes) works for me is downloading each file individually, although success rates may vary.


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