Why can't i change my php version to 7.4?

Hello guys, i am currently not able to switch to PHP version 7.4 for some reason, everytime i press on 7.4 and press switch i wait a few minutes and check everything but it doesnt update and says its on version 7.x what should i do?

By default it stays on 5.4 and not the actual php version. It’ll change to 7.4 but still show 5.4 due to a bug on cpanel.

oohhhhh ok! thanks :D̖ also since you are here may i ask why some photos aren’t showing on my website? i converted them from .png to .webp to reduce file size and to make it faster but now they wont even show up

What’s your website url? (I’m pretty forgetful believe me)

it’s ok! it is https://selync.ga and the images are in the very bottom at the testimonials section

Your webp files redirect to 404, make sure these files exist and they’re named in lowercase (our servers are case sensitive like B doesn’t equal to b)

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As you can see here, they do exist and they are (mostly) named in lowecase

Oh now I know the issue. Yes they exist in /htdocs/assets/img/testimonials directory. But not htdocs itself.
I’ve listed correct tags here
:x: <img src=chungusify1.webp class=testimonial-img alt>
:heavy_check_mark: <img src=/assets/img/testimonials/chungusify1.webp class=testimonial-img alt>

:x: <img src=testimonials2.webp class=testimonial-img alt>
:heavy_check_mark: <img src=/assets/img/testimonials/testimonials2.webp class=testimonial-img alt>
:x: <img src=testimonials3.webp class=testimonial-img alt>
:heavy_check_mark: <img src=/assets/img/testimonials/testimonials3.webp class=testimonial-img alt>
:x: <img src=testimonials4.webp class=testimonial-img alt>
:heavy_check_mark: <img src=/assets/img/testimonials/testimonials4.webp class=testimonial-img alt>

oh ok thanks! thats kinda wierd because when they were in .png format they used to work just fine as <img src=chungusify1.webp class=testimonial-img alt> but i am going to fix that issue right now :D̖

PHP 7.x is PHP 7.4. We only offer one version of PHP 7, which at this time is PHP 7.4.


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