Why can't FileZilla FTP connect to the server?

Why can’t FileZilla FTP connect to the server? You must choose to use an insecure plaintext FPT connection to connect??


Unfortunately, I cannot read Chinese. I will have to take a look at this with a translator later, but in the meantime, maybe try the online file manager?

It’s possible to use FTP over TLS.
You must be doing something wrong.

You should really use FTP with Explicit TLS. Unsecure FTP is very bad and should be avoided at all costs. Our FTP server supports it and has an SSL certificate signed by a trusted authority so you can make sure the connection is trusted.

Issues like this can be caused by bad FTP ALG settings in your router, using Passive FTP when you should be using Active FTP (or the other way around) or just by a block at your network somehow (which can usually be bypassed with a VPN).


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