Why are you keep suspended any domains in freehosting

Is these a bug or something i didn’t do any to my website yet or subdomain then its suspended
Pls Help me get it back i submitted a support ticket for them to fix
My website has a name of: https://www.fousterpost.cf its suspended its my project i didn’t do anything
Pls fix it

Since you’ve submitted a support ticket, please wait for the support staffs to reply. Most of your suspension concerns will be answered by the support staffs in the Support Ticket.

Anyways, if you find your website frequently suspended, then maybe you hit the free hosting limits. These limits are further explained in “Fair Usage Limits” section of KnowledgeBase.

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So you mean i have to wait in about days

No, based on my experiences, support staffs will respond within less than 24 hours.

Okay i will wait

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This is dependent on what type of limit you hit.

If it’s a malware or abuse suspension, you won’t get it reactivated until you submit a support ticket.

Pretty much anything else (like limits - btw you can get perm suspended for hitting a limit too many times) will have a set time to reactivate by (almost always 24 hours).

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Then why are you posting here instead of having the conversation in the ticket.

This is a community support forum. If you believe your account was suspended incorrectly, you need to explain that in your ticket.


Well i experience this in my accounts but i moved to mrwebsite123 to prevent just like my https://them.ga now its suspended and ruined all my accounts

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