Why are you ignoring my issue?

My website is still not working (USERNAME: epiz_28742043, website: https://evoluzione. ga) is redirecting to suspended domain, but actually it’s active. I always followed to community TOS and now you’re not helping me, why? I’can’t even put a link, are you kidding me?

Did you create your hosting account 5-30 min ago?
If yes, then you have to wait upto 3 days (it takes 30 min - 1 hr usually) until it works.

Note: iFastNet’s free servers are currently being upgraded. They may have been done, but some errors are still happening like new accounts going to suspendeddomain.org


It looks like your account is suspended. Can you tell is why? If it is active, read @cookie1982 post.

Well, no one here gets paid, so you cannot expect immediate service and answers.

You did put a link, just not of the full domain.

There have been a few issues recently with active accounts redirecting to the suspended domain. This was reported fixed but some users are still reporting problems. It could also just be DNS propagation. Either way please be patient.

I apologiaise, my account is ACTIVE but I don’t know why I’m redirect to the suspended domain page. I created this website a week ago and the link of the website is evoluzione.ga. I need it for a school research. Please help me

Edit: At the moment is working. But sometimes is working and sometimes is not. I don’t know why, I think it’s not my fault

You are possibly correct, it is likely an error on iFastNet’s end given the pinned topic.


We’re not ignoring your issue, we’re just not responding to your messages 24/7.

There is a known an ongoing outage. There is a pinned topic about this with the information we have now in which this issue is being discussed, and many people creating additional topics outside of that.

I’m trying to share up-to-date, consistent and relevant information in a way that everyone can see it.

This is why there is an outage topic where we can discuss this in a central place and I can share updates for everyone.

Because you have to remember that there may be thousands of people who are affected by this issue, and dozens or hundreds of them come here to talk about it. I simply don’t have the time to personally talk to everyone and explain the issue.

We’re not ignoring your issue, we’re taking it very seriously. But remember that this isn’t just your issue, it’s an issue for many of us.


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