Why are Logout buttons everywhere? /rhetorical

How to log out of FORUM ?

I don’t see buttons all over the place.

Thanks in advance.




k, I’ll try that, hope that’s not a jib a slid or whatever the phrase, half the time these days if a comment its something … well opposite of content.

OKAY THANKS FOR TIMELY REPLY shift z … reminds me of compilers, k, Again Thx, Ltrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

OH ! 8 ) click on the little man eeeer PCness lady generic persona ICON, prefs GOT IT !
[Oh its so hard to put mini red dot next to magnifying glass search icon + general menu drop down, to much sense.]
THANKS !!! kitten … eeer / eeeeehrm(brit twit version) there little Oxy Dac



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ok bye