Why Are All My Sites So Slow?


I hope all is well.

Please could Admin (no other users, just who actually knows and is not guessing, everyone else can just keep scrolling by please) let me know why all of my sites are so slow?? Slow to load, frontend and backend… In fact I have more chance of getting a 502 bad gateway than my sites actually loading… This makes them impossible to maintain as the update, well I can’t trust the server to actually update rather than break the site… Are there any current issues I need to be aware of that is causing this?? If so, when will it be fixed…



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When maintaining the site, I have as much chance of the module I am creating returning some sort of JSON error or returning an error 500 in the backend… It makes any work on the actual site very time consuming indeed, as every time I try to save I get a 500 error Internal Server error…

Hopefully it will be sorted soon…

When creating support topics, it’s really important that you fill out the template, as it contains important information you need to provide in order for us to assist you.

Can you please share the URL of your website, as well as the specific URL(s) of pages where you experience extremely slow loading?

Also, can you please elaborate on what is happening, what actions you are taking when you get the HTTP 500 error?



There are too many, it is a general problem, that is why I asked Admin if there was a general error effecting things… I am trying to work on the Admin of my site, every time I save I am getting a 500 error… I will say again, there really is no need for non admins to reply, I am more than happy to wait for them…



No matter who you want to reply, you still need to provide your URL. Also, just so you know, Admin does not reply to every topic, so you may not get a responce.


i had the same problem yesterday and it was fixed thanks to @Admin

No details = no help. If you need help with a site, please clearly explain what site/page/whatever is not working correctly, what you see, and what you expect to see.

If you were hoping for me to press the magic button that makes your sites fast again, I’m sorry to disappoint, because I don’t have a button like that. If there is a problem that needs to be fixed, we need to investigate it and come up with a solution.


Have you enabled display errors and any debug options that may be needed depending on the software you run? Can you share those error messages?


Cheers for replying… No I wasn’t, i was just asking if there was anything generally that are slowing things down… It just seems more sluggish on every single site I have for some reason…

They are just standard error messages within the Joomla admin…Refreshing the screen seems to sort it, its kinda 50/50 whether I get one or not.

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In that case, I’m not aware of any problems like that. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist of course, we’ve had some problems with servers getting overloaded, but that should be fixed after disabling the cron jobs.

There have been outages last night that still don’t appear to be completely fixed yet, which may also cause performance problems with websites. I don’t know.

But that’s all I can say with the information you choose to provide. If you want more detailed answers from me, you’re going to have to ask more detailed questions.


Idem problem in Joomla. Slow down webpage on load and the Joomla plugins/packages are not installed and the error 500 or 502 appears after several seconds, a situation that has not happened for several months since I have had the website, and I have had it active for more than 8 months approx. This started a few days or week ago when there were errors on the server.

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