Why a Chat.php (displays 403 access denied)but chat.html is displaying but no database connection

Website www.daytips.xyz
I have desighned a php,css and html page for comments but it is displaying 403 access denied error when it is .php but when i rename it to .html the page opens though the database connection not working on .html …i tested on xamp before upliading and it was working parfect using .php
But when .html it wasnt working on xamp and online…
Please help me resolve the error… www.daytips.xyz/Dashboard/chat.php

###i also changed modes to 644 of the file

Chat scripts are banned on free hosting. If you read the tos, you’ll note that they are also illegal to host here.

And just so you know, PHP operations cannot be used in html files, only PHP files.


Ok thanks …

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