Who is my hosting provider?

My nameservers are of Cloudflare, So does that mean that my hosting provider is cloudflare and not IF?

Though your question sounds dumb, no probs!
If you have pointed your domain to your IF hosting account, then it is hosted on IF. If not, then it is not hosted on IF. Cloudflare is just a DNS manager that will obey your records!

actually i want to use vs code as my sftp… and in an tutorial(image attached below) I wanted to fill the host section so what should be my link

It won’t work here I guess.

SFTP is never going to be added. SFTP is a part of SSH access, and we’re not going to provide shell access with free hosting. It’s not even available on the regular premium hosting, only on the business accounts because of the security implications.


nor its my password and the youtuber itself showed the password so it must be a dummy password

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but ftp can work with vs code right?

It should work, you can use the ftp information provided in your client area.

Sorry, I did not know that :sob:.

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i just want to know that what should i fill in ‘host:’ ? @Greenreader9 @jaikrishna.t


Your Hosting provider is IF , cloudflare is just the DNS manager

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Both Cloudflare and InfinityFree are your hosting providers. Cloudflare is your DNS hosting provider and InfinityFree is your website hosting provider. And if you want mail on your domain, you’ll need a separate email hosting provider for that.

Sometimes you only have one hosting provider who does everything, but that’s not a requirement.


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