Who is admin?

I have been wondering for a while, but who is admin? He (or she), seems to answer most questions, and have been claiming to make most of the scripts. Is admin a single person, or a group of people. Also, did Admin build the whole infinityfree website by themselves? Just curious…


Yes he is.

IF Is a reseller service powered by ifastnet.


Oh, ok


I’m a single person, yes.

Most parts of the hosting service are provided by iFastNet, but not everything. Anything under the infinityfree.net domain itself (notably the client area on app.infinityfree.net) is built by me, but anything else (the hosting itself and the control panel) are built by iFastNet.


That’s why its have a good user experience(good looking, charming, _any_thing_do_want_to_place) :smiley:

define('_any_thing_do_want_to_place', 'easy to use'); 

Shouldn’t first param be in upper cases?

Probably… I didn’t write it to be accurate though :joy:


So, Is this your job? Or do you volunteer? I bet most hosting websites hire people for money (although it seems otherwise for me because web hosting doesn’t seem like a job in my mind, but I bet it is).

It’s a side job for me. I do have regular employment on the side, but I also get some profit from InfinityFree.

And “web hosting” itself is not really a job, as much as it is a product/service. But it does involve real jobs like customer support, software development, systems administration, sales, marketing, HR, financial administration and more.


infinityfree is 1 of the many resellers of the ifastnet brand. im pretty sure admin is male & yes they are a single person. infinityfree.net however is hosted on google firebase. (may need certification)



I thought it was DigitalOcean

(10000 forum users celebration - special event - #494 by Oxy)

I guess I always knew that, lol.

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Forum Webserver=5$ per month
S3 storage = 10$ month
Cloudfront = 10$ per month
IF Web Server = 5$ per month
Infinityfree.net = 10$ per year
epizy.com = 10$ per year
infinityfreeapp.com = 10$ per year
rf.gd = 10$ per year
42webs.io = 10$ per year.

So totally you pay around 400 $ per year.(This is very high amount in my Country).

So real question= Do you really get profit?


Why ask something like this? let it be the user’s secret, all we have to do is thank all the hard work of the admin who has created this great site and we also have to support the admin by pressing the ad link on the infinityfree site so that admin can benefit :+1:


Umm Sad to say that I am not using infinityfree.
I am using a paid hosting from an another company (not Ifastnet).I just help people here.

BTW I am not forcing admin to reply to this question/reply.

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your intention is very good to help people solve their problems even though you are not using the infinityfree service, you are a good person :smile:


Not anymore. Everything is hosted with DigitalOcean now. Firebase bandwidth is really expensive, even with aggressive caching from Cloudflare.

If only. Both the client area and Discourse and big, complex web applications with quite a bit of traffic. They don’t work on the smallest tier Droplet.

Again, if only.

.io domains are more expensive than .com domains, starting around $30 per year, depending on the registrar.

And rf.gd, since it’s a “premium domain” (because of the two letters), it’s a lot more expensive than a regular .gd domain. And the regular rate is already around $30 per year.

Email is/was a surprisingly expensive part too. Just sending out all the email confirmations and account status notifications costs already hundreds of dollars per month at most email service providers. All of that is on Amazon SES now, which is really cheap by comparison.

I won’t share the exact finances, but I can tell you that the hosting fees for InfinityFree are a LOT higher than you think they are.

On the other hand, AdSense revenue is really good. I get affiliate commission from iFastNet and NameSilo as well, but that’s a fairly small part of the total revenue. So yes, InfinityFree is profitable.

Which is great, because that means I can keep the service up and running without having to worry about running out of money.


… I only can say that’s very generous.