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Hi, did I do everything right? I have a purchased domain from another company. I changed the DNS settings of my domain 24 hours ago. When registering at infinityfree, I indicated that I want to use my domain (and there was information that I should change the dns of my provider’s domain …) I did it, but the site still does not work, although about 24 hours have passed … and more strange in cpanel on infinityfree in the display of “parked” domains is 0.

Welcome, ur website is working fine.

Pls read…


Yes nice, i just need a clean computer’s DNS cache. Now everything fine almost. It’s next problem with SSL ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR - but i know how to fix it. Thans for answer!

No again same error, i can’t see my website , i see a lending (page) from domain hoster …l
i think i should only wait at the moment…

And yep i already clear computer dns cache

Finally, I figured out maybe someone can help this info

  1. Changing DNS values takes about 5-20 hours.
  2. After changing the dns, clear the dns cache of your computer
  3. clear your browser cookies
  4. Restart your computer and everything should work.
    In my case, the site was displayed on a laptop, but not on a personal computer. After all these steps, this solved the problem.
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