Whmcs showing already installed error

sarim epiz_27629809


Error Message

( * An installation already exists at http://admiras.tech as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation!)

Uninstall WHMCS and install it again from Softacoulous

(Look at the top right you will see a box icon)

but how to uninstall i never downloaded it before

Never had this issue before. :thinking:
Log out and log back in and try to install it again and see how this works.
If it didn’t work then that is some big issue.

I not only getting on this for this domain also on my other domain accounts itmiras.xyz

Please understand that you cannot install two scripts to the same exact URL.

If you want to replace WordPress with WHMCS, you will need to remove the WordPress installation before (just click the red X in the screenshot). You should then be able to install WHMCS without issues.

If you want to use both WordPress and WHMCS, then please choose a different URL for either of those sites. For example, you can install WordPress on http://admiras.tech/, and install WHMCS on http://admiras.tech/portal/ . To do that, enter portal in the “In Directory” field in the installation form in Softaculous.


Thanks alot admin,
I appreciate your co-operation.

I want to ask one more question if want to use wordpress themes like hostinza and other evanto premium whmcs themes can I use ? Or do need to host it on subdomain?

WordPress themes should work on any WordPress installation. That includes installation on your base domain, on a subdomain or in a subdirectory.

When you say “premium themes”, do you mean paid themes? And you’re already spending at least $15 per month on a WHMCS license?

If so, I can highly recommend to throw an additional $5 per month at it and get a premium account at iFastNet. You’ll have a MUCH better experience there, and I’m not sure how well WHMCS runs here.

And, not to accuse you of anything, but I would like to remind you that using pirated software for any purpose is illegal and we strictly prohibit the use (or distributed) of pirated content on our service.


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