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Services for this domain name have been disabled.

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i cant load my website and i jus create it some help?

It seams to be working for me! Try clearing your browser cache and cookies.


Strange for me its now working i already try in Opera/Edge/Chrome and is the same like this.

Did you try clearing cache and cookies? That’s your first step.


Yes, and i already try to use it in anonymous.

Well, I think your site is working for everyone but yourself :slight_smile:
You can read this for more info:


i send it to my teacher and is the same error, i just want to see if my login and my database are correct here.

Hi Diogo,

I’m also in Portugal and your website is working fine here.


i dont know what is happing but for me its nor working i try in Opera/Chrome/Edge and nothing seem to work.

Try changing your computer’s DNS servers to Google’s or Cloudflare’s DNS servers.
Besides being faster propagating DNS than the ones our ISPs use, you can bypass the websites blocked by our government. :grinning:

Google DNS instructions: Get Started  |  Public DNS  |  Google for Developers
Cloudflare DNS instructions: Set up Cloudflare resolver · Cloudflare docs

I use the ones from Google for some years and never had problems.


Still not working i dont understand.


Please run this command tracert lanhouse-santotirso.epizy.com
In PowerShell or CMD and then copy the result and paste it here


It’s working fine in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Takes a long time to load the first time. More than 15 seconds, but it loads.

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After the 10 time, jus time out


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for me just the error i show early

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Let’s wait at least 24 hours and then we’ll see


ok, thank you.

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