While coding can't connect MySQL database

hey i want to talk about free account in InfinityFree, i join few days ago and, but my codes can’t connect to MySQL database, is it an persistent issue?is it regular issue for every one i guess,what i supposed to the connect database?, when it gone pass?(Denaid from host.) is there any way to use the MySQL? beause already have 10-15 diffrent databases…or its an security issue for InfinityFree?

and why should i publish my website name in this forum? , (i guess admin may found my web name, also im here to learn programing ,coming from Turkey, i dont want to mess with kind attackers,hackers vs…)

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Please read all MySQL section in KB


In your case the address is irrelevant - it is a topic template that seeks to cover a wide range of user issues,
and since this forum is based on community support
in many cases it is useful to write the address of the website so that other users can test, find the cause and help.

The job is divided… so that the admin generally answers questions that other users cannot answer
due to insufficient information, changes in the system of which they are not aware, etc.


Make sure you are connecting from within hosting account

InfinityFree databases are only accessible from within your InfinityFree hosting acounts. Our database servers are not accessible from other locations, like developer tools on your own computer, websites on other hosting providers, game software, mobile apps and so on. Remote database access is only available with premium hosting.

this is answer, for what was im asking but why?

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I can look up your forum username in the client area and find your profile there.

But sometimes people have multiple hosting accounts on different servers, with multiple domain names per hosting account and multiple websites per domain name.

I’m happy to help anyone who needs it. But then I do actually want to help you, not spend hours just to figure out the information you have but will not share. I’ve seen way, way, way too many cases where we’ve had to go back and forth for a week or more just to learn the issue was on a completely different website on a different client area profile.

I don’t want that to happen again. That’s why we ask you to provide all the information you have about the issue, which includes at minimum the URL of the website you experience this issue on.

It also says you should provide exact error messages. And preferably also information about the software we’re using.

Also, security through obscurity is doomed to fail. If you don’t want other people to access the website, you can setup password protection or IP filtering on your site. URLs and domains are not private data.

And finally, this is not my private inbox or a support ticket system. Most people here can’t see your account details, but can still help you if provided with relevant information. If you refuse to provide that, these other kind souls cannot help you.


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