Which file is need to upload on file manager for web hosting

Which file is need to upload on file manager for web hosting.

I am new and try to upload my WordPress file on infinityfree but still facing issues also i have used file zilla but still not find any solution.

I want to know that which files i need to upload of my WordPress site on infintyfree?
all items in the website folder or only index.php need to upload on hosting server?
Please any one help me regarding this issue.

Hi and welcome to the forum! You’ll have to upload all the website files inside your htdocs folder using your FTP client (FileZilla).


Thanks for comments!
I have tried to upload all files using FileZilla but when I open my website Error appears

“403 Access Denied”

Please tell me what I can do now and why this error is showing?
Website is not loading due to this error

Can you give your website URL so I can check? If you don’t do that the only thing I can do is to direct you to this:


Previous error closed.

Now this error is being shown. Please help!

Below is the URL of my website


Can you enable WP_DEBUG and fetch the actual issue? This article should help:


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